Aggreko has a strong and successful working partnership with Nichol McKay. They are a significant partner in our supply chain for fabricated products and containerised genset housings. We’re a significant customer, and we view Nichol McKay as one of our key local supply partners.

Supply Chain Development Manager


At Nichol McKay there’s a steady stream of investment and evolution. Other vendors tend to have certain niche products that they’re good at, but Nichol McKay will do pretty much the whole job lot. Many suppliers offer some of the same capabilities, but you generally don’t get everything from one supplier as you do with Nichol McKay.

General Manager


We were initially attracted by Nichol McKay’s capabilities and professional expertise in supporting our needs for a quality delivered product at a competitive price. The team adds value by co-designing our products in an effort to improve quality and cost. Together we work towards solutions where both parties win.

Trevor Corkin, Senior Commodity Buyer
NACCO Materials Handling Group


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Our business is designed to react quickly to our customers’ supply demands. Nichol McKay will help you to move your product into production without delay.

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