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Hyster Yale Group (HYG) is the global name behind Hyster and Yale lift trucks. Nichol McKay has been doing business with NMHG for as long as we’ve been around.

Top performance

Originally Nichol McKay supplied Hyster Yale's manufacturing plant in Scotland, which has since closed. Our remit then extended further, to supplying Hyster Yale sites in Craigavon, Northern Ireland and Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Today, we deliver weekly shipments of steel fabrications to each of the two manufacturing plants.

We were initially attracted by Nichol McKay’s capabilities and professional expertise in supporting our needs for a quality delivered product at a competitive price. The team adds value by co-designing our products in an effort to improve quality and cost. Together we work towards solutions where both parties win; it builds exciting and satisfying relationships between our businesses.

Senior Commodity Buyer, Hyster Yale Group

Hyster Yale awarded Nichol McKay its Excellence in Performance award for Continuous Improvement. The criteria for the award stress active engagement in quality improvement; significant and sustained improvement; and commitment to the prevention of the recurrence of defects.

Hyster Yale Group was particularly impressed by Nichol McKay’s:

  • 78.5% reduction in rejected parts per million over the preceding 12 months
  • full engagement with NMHG supplier development activity
  • timely and effective closure of corrective actions
  • significant investment and specific system developments implemented to sustain quality improvement, including –
    - 6S method of workplace organisation
    - new machine centres
    - operator training
    - improved in-process quality checks and work instructions
    - proactive engagement in regard to jig improvements and feedback on HYG drawings

A professional and collaborative partnership

In 2012, HYG introduced its 4-5T DBB Electric Truck. Nichol McKay was instrumental in keeping the product launch on track.

Nichol McKay was selected as the supplier to manufacture the frame chassis weldment for this truck. Their project team worked in close collaboration with our design centre engineers in Portland, Oregon and our Craigavon based manufacturing engineers to address development issues. As a direct result of Nichol McKay’s input and assistance we were able to successfully launch this new truck platform to the market on schedule.

Our business relationship with Nichol McKay is characterised by a high level of professionalism, with the right proportion of mutual trust and confidence among our teams. This has been fundamental to the successful business relationship enjoyed by our two companies over many years.

Senior Commodity Buyer, Hyster Yale Group


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