Broadcrown’s power generators and systems are manufactured in the UK and exported across the globe. Nichol McKay has been a preferred supply partner to the business for more than 14 years. 

An efficient set-up

Broadcrown ( is in contact with Nichol McKay on a daily basis; in fact, we’re their biggest supplier of fabricated products. The team values highly our vast capabilities and professionalism. They know they can rely on the same quality of product whether it’s an order for an intricate fabrication or for a 700KVA acoustic canopy.

Some companies are still running the same processes and the same machinery today as they were 10 years ago. At Nichol McKay there’s a steady stream of investment and evolution. Other vendors tend to have certain niche products that they’re good at, but Nichol McKay will do pretty much the whole job lot. Many suppliers offer some of the same capabilities, but you generally don’t get everything from one supplier as you do with Nichol McKay.

General Manager, Broadcrown

Broadcrown especially values our: 

  • versatility
  • swift turnaround of prototypes
  • complete service approach – with fabrication, machining, assembly and finishing all
    under the one roof
  • consistently high quality of products
  • well organised internal processes – if an issue arises, the backroom staff are on hand to resolve it

Versatility and responsiveness

When Broadcrown received a high-volume contract for a telecommunications customer in Africa, it was us they turned to. The tight delivery schedule relied on Nichol McKay delivering 300 16KVA units a month from October 2010 to May 2011 – a considerable quantity.

If we hadn’t had Nichol McKay on board we would have probably ended up using possibly two or even three different vendors. The size of the company and the way it’s set up means that if customers make big demands of them, they’re certainly not afraid to respond. They’ll pull in the resources and ramp up production.

We have a very good working relationship with Nichol McKay – it’s quite a partnership, really. They’re absolutely a key part of our supply chain. Because we’ve used them for so long, they really understand our needs in terms of what products we want and how we want them. They offer genuine convenience for us.

General Manager, Broadcrown


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